Argentinian Customs will allow each driver to enter by customs 2 complete cars, 5 engines, 2 radio equipment, 4 additional servos, 10 complete sets of rubber tyres and 6 car bodies. In case the driver enters the country by customs with an accompanying person he can enter additional material or distribute such between both of them.
As far as possible if the cars and all additional material are used it will be even better.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DECLARE ANYTHING, and the value of the cars and all the material does not exceed 400 US dollars.

Any driver who enters with much more material for its commercialization will be doing that under his sole responsibility.

Here in Argentina there are representatives of all commercial brands, so that the one who brings material for commercialization and find it confiscated will be solely responsible for it, in which both AAPARTT and the Organization of the race will not be responsible for such shipment and respective blockage, having to pay all customs rights by his own.

The Driver or mechanic comes to take part in a world race and they will have a letter of presentation of AAPARTT for that race.

AAPARTT organized in April a South American Championship in the same track and entered drivers of all South America and drivers from the USA, brought their material for the race and they did not have any type of problems, at such event also came drivers of USA and Europe and No one has had any type of inconveniences.

Equally we will always be attentive to all the drivers so that they arrive to our country without inconveniences and delays.
Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Ariel Monaco, AAPARTT
Cell +54 9 11 3652-8888 WA

Hoping to see all of you here soon